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is an online service to help applicants for
Recovery Act broadband grants find potential partners with whom to apply. Infrastructure providers find content providers! Large-scale institutions find small-scale community organizations! Practitioners find researchers! 

Central Contractor Registration
Since October 1, 2003, it is federally
mandated that any organization wishing to do business with the federal
government under a FAR-based contract must be registered in CCR before being
awarded a contract.

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Wireless Outreach: innovative ideas to increase spectrum access, create a positive impact on customer service through policymaking, and address Public Safety and Homeland Security issues. Broadband for Rural America  Broadband Legislation

: auctions of licenses for electromagnetic spectrum.

enables you to research applications, licenses, and antenna structures. It also keeps you informed with weekly public notices, FCC rulemakings, processing utilities, a telecommunications glossary, and much more. Plus ULS features a Geographic Information System (GIS), a digital mapping technology that identifies spectrum use in relation to geographical areas.

Towers and Antennas: Antenna Structure Registration TOWAIR FRN Registration ASR Online Filing Registration Search Application Search Tower Construction Notification System/E-Section 106 Environmental Compliance for Tower Siting

Historic Preservation for Tower Siting

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