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PWA Fact Sheet
Mission Statement:  The Pennsylvania Wireless Association, Inc. ("PWA") is comprised of members of all sectors of the wireless industry. These individuals are committed to educating customers and public officials about our industry and the critical role it plays in Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to cultivate relationships between the various members of the industry and the local communities they serve to help ensure the continued growth and development of our industry.

Organizational Information:  The Pennsylvania Wireless Association is a not-for-profit corporation duly organized and validly existing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  While the PWA is not a tax-exempt entity, the Officers and Board of Directors perform their services on behalf of PWA as volunteers, without receipt of any compensation.  When necessary, PWA contracts for outside professional services (e.g. accounting and legal services).  PWA engages in fund-raising activities to underwrite, in whole or in part, social and educational events for businesses and individuals involved in Pennsylvania's wireless industry.  The net proceeds from such activities and events (after ordinary and necessary operating expenses) are then donated, as determined by the PWA Board of Directors, to charities and community organizations within Pennsylvania, such as the Penn State Children's Hospital and the Boy Scouts of America among others.

Address for Notices:    
Pennsylvania Wireless Association
P.O. Box 9300
Allentown, Pa. 18105
Department of State Entity No.:  576558

Federal Tax Id Number:    42-1695731

The State Wireless Association Program (SWAP) promotes the wireless industry and raises technology awareness at the state and local level. Individual associations are created under the SWAP umbrella to develop a local prescence for the wireless industry within the community. It is vital to the continued growth of the industry that there is a single force addressing local issues and responsibilites. Working together under SWAP, companies can cultivate and develop positive realtionships between the wireless industry and the community leadership. In addition, the Association serves to create and nurture the realtionships among the members of the wireless industry.

The State Wireless Association welcomes anyone involved in the wireless industry including, but not limited to, carriers, tower companies, vendors, services organizations, law firms, title companies, environmental companies, construction companies, network consultants, engineering firms, individual site acquisition agents.

Officers and Board of Directors           as of February 7, 2017

President and Chairman of the Board:   
    Philip Burtner 

Vice President and Board member:
    Barbara Burba

Secretary and Board member:
  Tracy Bender

Treasurer and Board Member:
Michael Damiano    
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Public Relations Committee and Board Member                  
    Jim Fryer   
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Board member

Chris Schubert, RRHC

Board member

Sarb Bassi, American Tower

Board member

Melissa Cooke, Diamond Communications

Board member

Chris Pleibel, Perfect10

Board member

Lisa Rider, Crown Castle

PA Western Region Committee:                        
    Dave Ricci bio
Jeffrey DeLucia bio